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Hello? Who is there? Come out into the light where I can see you! Oh, I see you are a kittypet. Put your claws away kit, I meant no offense to you! I only came to offer you something. You have a choice. You may step into the world of warriors, or you can turn back to your soft, kittypet life. This will be my only offer: Which would you choose?


                         A b o u t     t h e     S i t e

I am Briarpelt, formerly Briarstar, and I am a past leader of WindClan. I am also the owner of this website! I do not own Warrior Cats! I am just a fan, and this is a role-playing website that Snowstar (the previous Site Owner) created and based off the series. Warrior Cats rightfully belongs to Erin Hunter. The people in charge of this website are Briarpelt, Arabella, Mistyheart, Tawny, Everfall, Thunder, Fox, Lonegaze, Angel, Redflame, and Dusty, so please listen to us, as this is our site!

WCP strongly suggests reading the books thoroughly! Members often lose sight of what brought this wonderful roleplay website together, and that is Warriors Cats by Erin Hunter! Also, if you or other members feel that your role-play is becoming a bit far-off from the style of the books, please attempt re-read a few!

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