Rules for Warrior Cats Play

  I know there are quite a few rules, but it has to be this way to make the site run smoothly and fairly! They are mostly common sense anyway, so it isn't that bad! They can change whenever, so check back the sidebar every so often! 

Note: Any other RP sites that are reading this, you may of course take any of these rules for use on your own site! It took me a long time to perfect them, so feel free to use them so you don't have to go through what I did!



If you do not follow the rules, you will be reminded gently by me (Briarpelt), or any of the admins. Failure to abide by the rules after more than one warning may result in you being removed from the site! If you don't want to follow all the rules, don't become a member! 



1. For this website, we are using the lake territories, and we are continuing the series after The Last Hope ended. This means that you cannot be related to one of the characters in the books unless you are a descendant! You may join ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, BloodClan, Fallen Claws, or be a Kittypet, Loner, or Rogue. Fallen Claws is not in the books, but it is a group Snowstar made up so that the members of BloodClan aren't bored!

2. Please tell me (Briarpelt) if you are leaving for a while so that I know you didn't just quit! I have the right to replace anyone that I don't see on frequently! This is especially applicable to high-ranks!

3. Please respect all the people on this site! Do not ask for really personal information! Something friendly like asking their name or something is allowed, but you do not have to tell anybody anything about yourself if you don't want to. Just say something like: "Sorry, I don't really want to share that!" If you want to email me, but you don't want me to know your personal email, you can always make a different email address or simply send me a PM on the site! 

4. The maximum number of kits you can have per litter is four, because it is very hard to RP all of them equally, and it isn't fair to the people who want kits also. I will make bans on kits if there are too many in a Clan! If you don't think this is fair, just imagine you have seven kits, and I make a kit ban. That means seven other people can't even make one kit because you have so many! Please think of others too! You are, however, allowed to have your queen have more than four kits if you plan on having some die right from birth, or if other people are role-playing your kits!

5. You may only have one mate at a time. In the books, there were absolutely no cats who had several mates at a time or anything sketchy like that. You may also not have kits until you are a warrior. Also, it is extremely inappropriate for an older apprentice or any aged warrior to have a crush on a kit, or a warrior having a crush on a apprentice. That's basically the human equivalent of a teenager having a crush on a toddler! Along with a grown adult having a crush on a teenager. A young apprentice or kit doesn't even really have a proper concept of love anyway, so please go easy on that!

6. If you see any cyber-bullying, swearing, spamming, or any rule-breaking or offensive posts on the site, please report/flag the account and tell one of the admins! If you get caught up in something like that, it is best to ignore whoever is doing it. If you give them attention, it will get worse. 

7. No power-playing other characters! This means that you cannot control anyone else's character, or pretend to be someone you're not! This also includes adding cats in your description or story without asking them first, or using battle techniques improperly (See Rule 26). 

8. There is no limit on characters, but please only create characters that you will play! It takes up space on the site and confuses everyone else! Once again, I will delete any character I see not being played often!

9. You may use the same picture someone else already has for your character because in truth, cats can look exactly the same as others. If there are already several people using the same picture though, I'll stop letting that picture be used by others. However, only high-ranks get pictures now, due to the image content overload that would happen!

10. You are only allowed to create a character that is a normal, non-magical, and decently realistic cat. Any non-forest Clan character is allowed to have some relations to bigger cats, so there could be a cat that is part tiger and is bigger than others because of it, but all Clan cats must be just normal sized house-cats. No forest Clans in the books had any cats that were, lions for example, partly because big cats don't live anywhere near them, but also because certain Clans would have completely unfair advantages over others! Also, no cats are allowed super-powers or anything silly like wings, seventy five inch metal claws, the ability to breathe fire, etc.) It takes away the whole fact that this site is based off of the books, and is not a fantasy version of the books. If you want to make a magical cat, please go find another RP site because there are lots of sites out there specifically for that!

 11.  I'm sorry but Tom-tom and She-she relationships are not allowed! Cheating this rule by not having a crush/mate is not allowed either. I, Briarpelt, nor any of the staff are against such things. However, some people are a little more senstive to the idea, and the books do not have them, so for the sake of the site, it will not be allowed.

12. You may only have a name that is appropriate for your Clan or rank, and a name from the books, or that the cats could know about. For example, no names related to Twolegs or something that the cats wouldn't know, like Citypelt, Galaxyfur, Butterwing, Posterpaw, or anything like that. The name "star" is never allowed for the forest Clans, unless you are a leader and it is your suffix! Also, we only allow names such as "Fall," "Winter," "Summer," and "Spring" if you're using "spring" and "fall" in reference to the action of springing or falling. But cats do not know what "winter," "summer" or "autumn" are! This goes only for Clan cats! (If you are a kittypet who has joined a Clan, or have an otherwise convincing backstory, you may keep your name. The leader of the clan can choose to make you change it, however.)

13. There cannot be two cats with the exact same name in a Clan because it gets way too confusing. You can share names from different Clans though, so a Pebblefur in ShadowClan, and a Pebblefur in ThunderClan would be okay. Kits and 'paws can have the same prefix, as long as their suffix is different when they earn their warrior name. Eg: Two Pebblekits in ThunderClan is fine, as long as they choose different suffixes.

Hint: It can be easy to check to see if your name is already taken if you hold down Control, then press F. A little search box will appear in the top right corner, so just type in the name and press enter to find any names similar to yours!

14. If you are joining a Clan and have a non-Clan name, you really should change your name because that way, the leader knows you will stay loyal to the Clan. However, if you really want your name, you may keep it, but I will not allow this if it gets out of control (like having half the Clan with non-Clan names).

15. Your character, of course, can have talents, but with those, they also must have flaws. You cannot be good at hunting, climbing, running, swimming, healing, jumping, and fighting all at once. You may pick one or two that you excel in. Otherwise, you are basically a super-cat, which is boring for everyone that is role-playing with you. If you make a kit, you cannot say that they are good at fighting or hunting because they aren't allowed to know how. However, you could say that according to their build, they will likely make a good fighter or hunter in the future.

16. Your cat is only allowed to be of natural color, such as grey, yellow, black, brown, white, etc.) and any shade of those colors, although you can have whatever colored eyes you want. If you say that your cat is red or blue, I will assume you mean a blue-grey, and an orange-red. Crazy colors like green, neon yellow or electric blue will not be allowed. You are allowed to mix colors in any random way you want, though (black with cream spots, brown with grey stripes, etc.).

17. You may not have clothes, or any Twoleg-related items, on your cat if you are in one of the original Clans (ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan or SkyClan), but you are allowed for Clans like BloodClan and Fallen Claws, or if you are a kittypet, loner, or rogue, as long as it isn't incredibly unrealistic and/or silly. For example, if a Twoleg had a cat, that cat would never let them put something like glasses or headphones on them. Anything from the books that was normal should be fine here! You may have dog tooth claws and a tooth-spiked collar if you are in BloodClan or Fallen Claws, as that is normal. How they get the teeth in their claws I will never know, but nevertheless, this is fine! If you really want to wear something, as a Clan cat, I will allow something natural, like flowers or feathers! 

18. Please respect your cat's rank in the Clan! For example, kits cannot fight full grown warriors without getting easily killed, and leaders must lose lives somewhat often, but the major thing is that warriors are not allowed to use herbs like a medicine cat. No warrior would want a medicine cat giving them battle tips and hanging around the training hollow all the time getting in their way, so please respect that vise versa! The only exception is, if some cat is dying and there is no medicine cat there, you can only use easy herbs like catmint or cobwebs because it's an emergency! Even if you joined the Clan knowing herbs from your past, if you were a respectful warrior, you would leave that job to the Clan's actual medicine cats!

Also, remember that a kit has not been trained in the slightest, as it is against the warrior code! So for example, if I see something in your description about how your kit is a great hunter, I will take it out because that is impossible! The only exception to this is if your cat was from somewhere else first, like BloodClan, where they didn't have such rules, and they may have learned battle or hunting skills. Also, no cat besides the leader should be ordering the Clan around (except maybe the deputy), making ceremonies or announcements, or going onto the high-ledge unless given permission by an Administrator or the leader or deputy themselves! 

19. You are not allowed to create a character that has more than one life like a leader . This is is unfair, and many people will soon want to do it, creating several seemingly impossible-to-beat characters! 

 20. Absolutely no swearing (obviously warrior insults are fine), and no inappropriate content and spamming/non-stop advertising in the chat boxes is allowed! You may ask me to put a website on the Other RP tab, but in a polite way!

21. To role-play, you can either use WCP style (using stars for actions and just typing the words normally), or the story style (typing as if it were a FanFiction) based on what you are used to, or what is most comfortable. In both versions though, please type in brackets if you are not RPing! Here are some examples of what I mean!

WCP Style: @Snowfur: *pads into camp, looking confused* What's going on over here? (Oh PS guys, when is the ThunderClan battle again?)

Story Style/How the Books are Written: Snowfur padded into camp, looking confused. "What's going on over here?" he said. (Oh PS guys, when is the ThunderClan battle again?)

22. Your character cannot be in two places at once, or "teleport" around. For example, you cannot post in the leaders den box when you are supposed to be in the borders box. I know sometimes people do this by accident, but please don't knowingly skip around the boxes. This also means that you can't randomly appear in the den of another Clan's camp. There may be a situation where you enter the camp unnoticed because there were no patrols going on, but there is no way you can pop up into, let's say, the nursery, without someone seeing or smelling you first! Cats can smell intruders easily and they always have guards at camp for that reason!

 23. You may start a group PM or anything like that, but please do not harass or spam other members with it. This includes not deleting the conversation when it is over and continuing to post randomly on it, bringing up annoying notifications for other members. This is extremely irritating, and can get you deleted as a member!
24. You may only have one high-rank at a time. If you just had a high-rank but no longer have one, you should not be allowed to get another one right away because that isn't fair to others. You can only have multiple high-ranks if the Administration (not just one Administrator) agrees it is okay. You cannot sign up as a high-rank if the predecessor is gone, as those are chosen specially by the Admins! If you are a leader or medicine cat and want to choose a deputy or medicine cat apprentice, you MUST send me or any of the admins a PM to confirm your choice. Otherwise, I will assume that you didn't pick one and deny everyone that asks. Also, here are no more *lines* allowed for high-rank positions either, as this leads to a lot of fights. In other words, please don't promise people that you will give them a high-rank. For instance, if you are a medicine cat apprentice, please don't already promise somebody that they will be your apprentice once you are the full medicine cat! Events like this have happened before, and don't end well.
25. The Administration Staff for this website includes: Briarpelt (Current Site Owner), Arabella, Mistyheart, Tawny, Fox, Faolan, Killian, Angel, Thunder and Ashen. Please and respect them as you would me (Briarpelt)! If you believe that they are being unfair with you for some reason, send them a PM and discuss it with them politely! Sending them rude messages or hate will just encourage them to delete you!
26. Please use battle techniques fairly! Posting something like *jumps out of the way before Snowfur can hit him and rakes him across the nose, then pushes him into a tree* is power-playing, because you don't know how Snowfur would have reacted after you scratched his nose. Posting that message implies that Snowfur did nothing to defend himself, which may or may not be true. An easy way to avoid this is to break up the techniques. For example, you could post *jumps out of the way before Snowfur can hit him and scratches his nose*, then wait to see Snowfur's post, then post again after, according to what Snowfur last said. It's no fun to fight someone invincible, so I mean, unless you are fighting a kit or something, you are obviously going to get somewhat injured.
27. Please don't beg the Admin Staff to make you either an admin, or to allow someone back on the site after they have been deleted! We delete people for a reason; they are harming the site, and we want the site to be as friendly and fun as possible! Also, only I (Briarpelt) choose new admins, so please do not ask me repeatedly if you can be one. I'm sorry, but if you PM me asking to be an admin, I will probably just delete the message, just because I get so many a day and don't want to type the same thing over and over again!
28. Pages that are restricted are restricted for a reason! If you are caught asking, or otherwise attempting to obtain the username or password of the restricted pages, you will be deleted without warning nor chance of explanation.
 29. No spoiling any of the Warriors Cats books! If someone asks to know something, send them a PM. Don't ruin the book for whoever else is in the chat.
 30. Avoid talking about death, murder, suicide, depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, self harming or other similar 'gruesome' subjects. Fantasy Violence is okay in moderation (Vampires/Zombies/Gaming/Movies etc) but keep to a PG13 rating at all times.
 31. No "mini modding". The Staff are there to enforce the rules, not you. If there are no Staff available, take screenshots of anything you consider wrong. Pretending to be an Administrator or taking on the responsibilities of an Administrator like a vigilante without permission from one prior is strictly prohibited.
32. Do not rant/flame/moan or argue over any punishment you may have been given. If you truly believe it was/is a unfair punishment you may contact any other Admin to hear your story, the other Admin's story, and choose whether or not the punishment is appropriate, or to give out a new one.

33. If anyone rebels against another member or towards the Staff there will be an immediate ban to whoever is involved in the rebellion. Though, peaceful protests in messages are okay. The Staff's word is ultimately law, however.

34. If someone repeatedly starts trouble or drama they risk being banned accordingly.

35. High-ranks must be active! They must be on daily with very few exceptions (academic activities, groundings, etc). If a high-rank disappears without notice they risk being de-ranked depending on their activity before the disappearance. High-ranks suspected of inactivity will get at least one warning and 2-weeks grace time to respond before they are de-ranked from their title. A high-rank may be required to send in a weekly report to the Admin of that specific Clan/Group at the admin's discretion. If multiple reports are required and skipped, you risk being de-ranked.
In the message: Both admins of the clan and the four high-ranks.

Leader/Deputy: There was a fox attack. Moonfur passed away. I made Rowanpaw, Littlepaw, and Mistypaw warriors. I organized multiple patrols. etc.

Medicine Cats: I healed Fernfur because she had a broken leg. Firetrot passed away from Greencough. I got an apprentice! We made it to the Moonpool to attend the medicine cat gathering. etc. 
36. Do not fail-rp: Like power-playing, fail-rp can be hard to spot at times. Fail-rp is when a player allows their own emotions to affect their character's emotions or actions to a drastic degree. The reverse can happen too. You should always be aware that your character, while yours, is someone else with a different life, different feelings, and different motives. Try your best not to let your feelings dictate their actions, but also try not to let something that happens in the RP bother you too much OOC.
Example: Person #1 had a disagreement with Person #2 recently, who plays the mate of Person #1's character. To get some kind of 'revenge' against Person #2, Person #1 has their character suddenly break up with Person #2's character. 
37. Do not flag anybody. If you feel that someone is breaking a rule, do not flag them! Report it immediately to an Administrator with evidence, or if you are unable to provide evidence, just ask the Administrator to simply watch the member. Flagging is never okay - it is immature and never solves the problem.

Well, those are all the rules! Thank you for reading them! These are just the ones I could think of at the moment, so if I see something that I don't think works, I have the right to change it because it is my website!
You may now create a character! Here are the steps:
1. Go to the right of any page on this website, find the white box, look under "Members", and click "Register".
2. Fill in the information (you don't have to put your real location or birthday). Your account will be processed, and if accepted, you may create your cat and start role-playing! I will tell you now that I will not accept any name that seems troll-like, or unrelated to Warrior Cats, so please make it recognizable (ex. Hollyclaw would be appropriate, but Hollyclaw462, Hollyclaw4ever, Hollyxoxoxcats, or something like that would not)!

3. Anytime after you register, go to Briarpelt's Den, post your character's name in the appropriate box (whichever Clan you joined, post in that Clan's box), and we will put you up on the list!
4. You are allowed to RP now, so you can go to your Clan's page! Look around and see what's happening if you are confused, or just ask anyone you see there (in brackets though, remember)! People are pretty friendly! If they don't answer right away, it isn't because they are ignoring you, it is probably just because they aren't online at the time, so check back later!
Once again, failure to adhere to these rules could get your account deleted! You will likely just get a warning if you break a minor rule, but if you break a major rule (swearing, spamming, serious bullying, power-playing) or repeatedly break minor rules after multiple warnings, we have the right to delete you immediately! If you are unsure about whether or not you will be breaking a rule by doing something, ask Briarpelt or an admin before you do it, just to be safe!

2. If you join Outcast or Other Cats you cannot claim to be leader or deputy because one: these are cats who are free and do anything they please without orders, two: it might be completely impossible for a leader to be chosen, and three: they live their own way by their own rules. Although they can be working together in groups or can work alone.

3. Kits are allowed in one of the groups. Outcasts kits are able to control a cat also but aren't as strong to hold the power together so if you have a kit in the Outcasts and you want them to control a cat they must somehow be unable to hold the power(meaning they have to lose control and the cat they are controlling is able to run free).

4. You cannot have the same cat in both Outcasts and Other Cats.

5. Outcasts and Other Cats don't have to be played as often.

6. Other Cats don't control or kill living cats, they have to be good(but can have a bad attitude, past, etc.). Outcasts have to be evil(or could have good things but are actually evil).

7. If you are a Outcasts you still cannot kill a cat(or control them)without permission.                  

8. Outcasts and Other Cats cannot be killed(because they are already dead).

2. If you join Outcast or Other Cats you cannot claim to be leader or deputy because one: these are cats who are free and do anything they please without orders, two: it might be completely impossible for a leader to be chosen, and three: they live their own way by their own rules. Although they can be working together in groups or can work alone.

3. Kits are allowed in one of the groups. Outcasts kits are able to control a cat also but aren't as strong to hold the power together so if you have a kit in the Outcasts and you want them to control a cat they must somehow be unable to hold the power(meaning they have to lose control and the cat they are controlling is able to run free).

4. You cannot have the same cat in both Outcasts and Other Cats.

5. Outcasts and Other Cats don't have to be played as often.

6. Other Cats don't control or kill living cats, they have to be good(but can have a bad attitude, past, etc.). Outcasts have to be evil(or could have good things but are actually evil).

7. If you are a Outcasts you still cannot kill a cat(or control them)without permission.                  

8. Outcasts and Other Cats cannot be killed(because they are already dead).

1. Please read a couple warrior books or you could be very confused! Please do not spoil the books for anyone! We are using the lake territories, and I am starting after The Last Hope ended. However, BloodClan and the Dark Forest are still around, and I created another BloodClan-like group called Fallen Claws. BloodClan and Fallen Claws live just outside the map of the lake territories behind WindClan. Also, SkyClan is still around, and the Tribe cats as well.


2. You can have as many characters as you want, as long as you play them all relatively often I will delete any character I see not being played often, unless they are just a quiet character. I do this because it confuses other people, as they don't know who is actually active, and it takes up space on the site, which makes it run a lot slower.


3. No form of swear words unless it is a correct warrior term, and no inappropriate content and spamming/advertising in the chat boxes please! That is what the random post box is for! Please also do not just put "anonymous" for the name, as it gets on a lot of people's nerves.


4. To talk in the boxes, you can just type the words:

ex.) Hi Sunstorm!

For actions, use the stars:

ex.) *walks into the camp*

When you want to talk about something not related, talk in brackets:

(School today was so fun!!!)

Please also try to use good grammar so we can understand what you are saying! You do not have to talk in brackets on the Twoleg House page, the Sign up page, or my den, because that isn't part of the RP! 


5. No power-playing other characters! This means you cannot type another character's name into the box and pretend to be them! That is just silly, and everyone knows it isn't that real person anyway.


6. Please tell me if you are leaving for a long time (a week or more) without going on here! It is as easy as posting on my den or the extras box and saying: Hi, I am away for two weeks! Bye! Otherwise I am not sure who is quitting, and who just went on vacation.


 7. Leaders, your clan is your own, so please make sure you are on often! Same with deputies! Don't forget to assign mentors and name new warriors and apprentices!  


8. Please don't do something dramatic to another character without their permission! For example, you can't claw out their eye or kill them if they don't want you to! However, normal battle moves are fine!

Also, please don't make the battles too graphic or gory, because you never know how young people are on here (farthest you should go is taking out an eye or biting out their throat or something)! Be careful when you fight with another person so that you don't horribly crippled them or something if they don't want you to! However, feel free to make two characters and make them have a epic battle with each other, or play with a friend!


9. Please only sign up as a cat character! You can make patrols where you type in Twoleg, Fox, Dog, or you can have a non-cat character if it is really needed for something (like Midnight), but please only play cats as your actual characters. Cats can't really have superpowers, but if you want something cool to happen for a prophecy, just ask me and I might let you!


10. Please respect all the people on this site! Do not ask for personal information. You do NOT have to share anything you don't want to, such as your real name. If you want to email me, but you don't want me to know your personal email, you can always make a email address just for that purpose! Also, if anyone has a touchy subject they want to comment about (someone not following rules, or something else), please handle it in a respectful manner, and refrain from personal attacks, or nasty posts.


11. Medicine cats can have mates, but if caught, they will no longer allowed to be a Medicine cat! You can also have a mate and kits from another Clan as well because this way, it is more interesting plot-wise. Beware, don't let another cat catch you!


12. You can use the same picture someone else already has for your character because technically, cats can look pretty similar to others. However, if the person that had the picture originally isn't okay with you having the same picture, you must change it because they had that picture first. The same rule applies for names of cats. There can't be several cats with the same first name in a Clan, because it will get too confusing for everyone, so whoever had the name first gets to keep it.


13.  You may use other people's drawings and such from Deviant-art as a picture, but please either give the link for credit, or let me know that it needs credit!


14. Please only have names that the clans know about, if you are a Clan cat. For example, no names like Citypelt, Galaxyfur or things like that. However, SkyClan and the Tribe know about a lot more things than the Clans, so they can have a bigger range of names! If you are joining a forest Clan, and have a non-Clan name, you must change your name so that you have a correct name! I will allow some things that normally wouldn't be used (horse, wolf, any kind of gem, etc.) in their names, because you can be more creative that way. Also, the words "star", "moon", and "sun", as well as Thunder, Wind, River, Shadow, and Sky, are sacred to the Clans, and are never supposed to be used in names, but I will allow sky, moon, and sun (not star, because think about it, if the cat were to become leader, her name would be Starstar.)

Cats from these places are allowed to have whatever names they want, because they don't stick to Clan rules:





Fallen Claws 


15. In terms of higher rank positions, you may have one high rank position, if the positions are in demand. At this current time, the site is very active, so everyone that wants to be a high rank character cannot already have one. However, many people joined when the site was not active, so there are some of us who play a leader, a deputy, and a medicine cat. It is not fair of me to say that they have to get rid of them all of a sudden, so when their high rank characters die, the new one high rank character rule will be established for them. These are considered high rank characters:



Medicine Cat/Healer

Medicine Cat apprentice/Healer's apprentice


 Here are the rules for if the site is not as active. This does NOT apply to the site at the current time though:

You cannot be two leaders at the same time, unless one is from BloodClan or Fallen Claws, and the other is from a forest Clan. Usually you have to be on the site for a while to become a high ranked character, like a deputy, or leader.

You also cannot be both the deputy and leader of the same Clan. You can be up to two deputies/head warriors, HOWEVER, you cannot be both Fallen Claws's head warrior AND BloodClan's head warrior. Any other Clan combination is fine.

 You shouldn't be more than two medicine cats/healers at a time, but if no one else wants to be any of them, you are allowed to be as many as you want.

For example, things like these would be fine:

- Being the leader of a forest Clan and the leader of Fallen Claws or BloodClan.

- Being the leader of one Clan, and the deputy of another.

- Being the deputy of one Clan and the deputy of another.

- Being a head warrior in BloodClan or Fallen Claws (NOT both), and the leader of a forest Clan.

- Being the medicine cat of one Clan, as well as the medicine cat of another


Things like this would NOT be fine: 

- Being both the leader and deputy of the same Clan. 

- Being the leader of any two clans at once (UNLESS one is from BloodClan or Fallen Claws, NOT both).

- Being the head warrior of both Fallen Claws and BloodClan. 


16.  In regards to the gathering page, we never actual travel there. All the cat characters are just always there, and just start talking when a gathering starts. I do this because it would be a big hassle to actual role-play traveling all the way there, as the Clans would have to cross territories, and the boxes would get flooded pretty fast! The page will pop up when a gathering is taking place! Check the Twoleg Nest page or the sidebar to see when it is!


17. You cannot be in two places at once, except for the gathering page. For example, you cannot post in the leaders den box when you are already in the patrols box. I know sometimes people do this by accident (myself included), but please don't knowingly skip around the boxes.


18. When you make your character, please make them have at least some flaws, even if they are hidden from other cats. No one is perfect, after all! It is more fun that way, and other cats can play off of them, and create some kind of plot. For example, here is a description of a character that has no flaws, and is not much fun to RP with:

Whitetail is a white colored tom with ice-blue eyes. He is the best fighter and hunter in ThunderClan, and is the fastest cat in all the Clans. He never gets hurt or beaten in battle.

There is nothing wrong with your cat being good at fighting, but they can't be impossible to hurt. An example would be if you made your cat dodge every single attack, or not get tired/wounded, etc.)

Also, saying something like this isn't really fair because you aren't giving the other person a chance to fight and defend with their character:

Leaftail: *sees Mousepaw* *runs over and pins him down so he can't move* *throws him the air, then kicks him away* *waits until he lands, then scratches his face, pinning him again*

I mean, the person playing Mousepaw can't really post anything to defend himself. It is okay if you are a better fighter than them, but post things slightly slower so that they have time to react.  

For example, your cat can be good at fighting, but they can't be impossible to hurt. An example would be if you made your cat dodge every single attack.

For example, saying something like this isn't really fair because you aren't giving the other person a chance to fight and defend with their character:

Leaftail: *sees Mousepaw* *runs over and pins him down so he can't move* *throws him the air, then kicks him away* *waits until he lands, then scratches his face*

I mean, the person playing Mousepaw can't post anything to defend himself. It is okay if you are a better fighter than them, but post things slightly slower so that they have time to react.

An slight exception to this would be the leaders of BloodClan and Fallen Claws within reason, because they have trained their whole life to fight the way they do, and started at a very early age. They are very likely the best fighters out of all the cats on the site, as well as some Dark Forest cats or Rouges, who have trained in similar ways. 


 19. Please don't post too much at once in the chat-boxes. If you post too much, it will overwrite what other people have written! Most people are okay with it if it is actually a conversation, but for example, this is what we call "flooding" the chat box:

          Mousepaw: *pads into camp*

Mousepaw: (anyone on??)

      Mousepaw: *puts a squirrel on the pile*  

                         Mousepaw: (anyone here? hello?) *walks to apprentice den*

                  Mousepaw: *yawns and stretches*

Mousepaw: (hi)


  20. In terms of making your character, I just have a few limitations on what you can do:

For eyes, I allow any pretty much any color (even pink, purple, and red) except something like rainbow, which is, I think, a little too ridiculous. Eyes can be sort of double colored though, as in green-blue, or orange-yellow, or any combination of similar colors (so not something like purple-yellow, or pinky-green, because that would be kind of like rainbow eyes).

For the fur color, you can have any color that is natural for a cat. This includes colors like grey, black, brown, white, etc.) and any shade of those colors. I'll let you mix them any way you want though (black with cream spots, brown with grey stripes, ect.), but please no colors other than these, as I think that is getting a little too ridiculous! The exception to this is if something actually happened to your cat to make it an unnatural color (was dyed by its Twoleg owner, fell in something, blood-stained, etc.)


21. The maximum number of kits you can have in one litter is four, because it takes up a lot of space in the Clan, and it is hard to RP all of them equally. However, if you really want more kits, you can have them born from a different litter so that they are different ages, making it easier to RP with them.


22. For mates, you can have ONE legit mate at a time. You can have kits with one cat while mates with another (assuming one of them left or died), or have multiple litters of kittens with different mates you had in the past, but please try not to have a bunch of different mates at the same time with four kits each, or something like that.

In the Warriors Series, I don't recall any cat having more than one mate at a time but I do recall cats "breaking up" and choosing another mate, so you can do this on the site. You may also have your cat be what is known as a "player", where they will pretend to want to be mates with a bunch of different cats, but please don't go so far as to succeed, and have like ten different mates! I mean, they are cats, not humans!


23. Sometimes we get people who break the rules and post random things as anonymous, or powerplay other people. It is best to ignore them, as they will go away. Even if they flood an entire box, just pretend they aren't there, and start up another conversation or something. You may spam around on the random post boxes in the Twoleg Nest, but no where else! Powerplaying is not allowed anywhere though!


24. In terms of choosing a new deputy or head-warrior, it is the current leader's choice, not the first person who signs up for the position. The leader may pick whichever cat he wants to, as long as he doesn't pick a character that he also plays, or a cat that already has a high rank position!

FThe same rule will apply for Medicine cats, as of now. The rule in the past was whoever signed up could be it, but now the rule is who the Medicine cat picks. HOWEVER, if there is a cat in a Clan that has already wanted the MC position, the Medicine cat cannot pick a new person, and a person cannot sign up for the position.

For example:

Cherrypaw, Blazingpaw, and Palepaw both signed up as the next Medicine Cat apprentice of RiverClan.  The Medicine Cat (Nettlefur) did not pick a new apprentice, so the first one so signed up (Blazingpaw) was allowed to be it. However, Cherrypaw and Palepaw also wanted to be it, so they are now allowed to be regular apprentices, but with a particular interest in healing. They can help out Nettlefur, but will receive warrior training and names. If Nettlefur or Blazingpaw died, the Medicine Cat who lived would get to pick the new apprentice, but it would have to be either Palepaw or Cherrypaw, not a completely new character that signed up, because Cherrypaw and Palepaw have been waiting for the position! Same rule applies for SkyClan, where Brookkit should be after Neonpaw!



Our time with webs is running out, so do not be surprised if you come here one day and WCP is gone. It is all going to be ok - we will have a site that has chatboxes. As most of you know, webs is forcing every site to update. So, please, BOOKMARK this weebly page: All updates that you need will be here, as well as the new site's address when the time comes! *Recommendation:* Copy all bios and place it somewhere safe for now!

Follow wcpadmin on Tumblr for additional updates about site progress!

This site has been abandoned, WCP is currently located on discord at this link:


To become a Member, please read the "WCP Rules" and read the "How to Sign Up" page! Go over to "Briarpelt's Den" to have your characters added to the Clan lists!

If you have questions or would like to suggest something to the Administrators, please click on the following link:


~As all of you may of heard, webs is trying to force an update to Sitebuilder 3. While it is true that we will be moving away from webs, it is possible they will force the update before the new website is finished. Along with that, there are many other warriors RP sites that aren't as lucky as us, and are not as prepared in case they do succeed in forcing it. In light of this, a petition has been created. You can sign it here.~

❧ Please click this for the news of Rule 11.

❧ I have finished selecting the Four Cats for the Homepage, the four cats will be revealed when the new site comes along, the Roleplayers will not be notified, as i want it to be a surprise for everyone!
UPDATE: Due to some complaints, SkyClan art will be posted throughout the site, though not on the homepage as of yet. Please, those who have mains in SkyClan, PM Mistyheart of your characters. They will not be on the homepage, though art will be made of them in other ways. I cannot guarentee everyone will be picked.

❧Warrior Cats Infinity,
I've spoken with the owner, and they've agreed to stop advertising on WCP. I though, have to now ask of you all this: Stop harassing them, there's no need, and it will accomplish nothing.

The Next Gathering

October 15th at 2 PM WCP Time

Currently there is no news regarding the groups.

Site Wide Plot

Regarding the TC/WC plot: Here's the way timing works here: every weekend counts as a day. For example, since we started this about 3 weeks ago, the cats have only been in the warehouse for *nearly three days*. Next weekend (at Sunday) would mark the 4th, meaning the whole week substitutes to one day.


Fallen Stars: After a severe Thunder and Lightning storm, the mansion in which TFS resides in was burned to the ground, all prisoners who were unable to escape parished within their metal cages while those who live under Maika were partially wounded with the hasty escape. They now reisde in the Forest, regrouping and hoping to gain power over the Forest once more.

Weather, Rule Updates & More

It is Currently Greenleaf (Summer)

As the days become ever longer, the Clan's prey piles and bellies are increasingly full. However, rain is disrupting the cat's routines, as the weather experiences mood swings of a biblical scale. The Lake's banks are slowly climbing higher into Clan Territory, and most of RiverClan's rivers and streams are terribly swollen. ThunderClan and ShadowClan are very muddy and boggy, and cats must be careful hunting as one wrong step could geniunly be stuck in the mud. WindClan's rabbit dens have been flushed by water, leaving easy pickings as newborns are forced out onto the moors. The Outlands are faring similarly to the Clans, and the streets and rogue clan territories are the worst flooded.

Could this be an omen of bad things to come?

August 14th, 2016

Rule #37 has been added!

Be sure to check it out!