How to sign up!

First of all, thank you so much for even considering to sign up on my site! My overall intent is to treat all my members with respect, but in return, I expect the same respect! I will always give you the benefit of the doubt, but that does not mean you can take advantage of the fact! I want this place to be a friendly, fun environment for people who all share the same interest, as well as a safe place to be creative and imaginative! If you choose to read on and become a member, I warmly welcome you to Warrior Cats Play (WCP) and our kitty community! Alternatively, if you have now decided that this site is not for you, I'm glad you stopped by, and I hope you find exactly what you were looking for!

Okay, here are the steps you can follow to join my website! You may read the "WCP Rules" page now, or at the end of these steps, but just to let you know, if you don't read them until the end, and then realize your cat's description/name breaks a rule, you will have to edit it accordingly! I suggest just reading them now and getting it over with so you know what you're getting into! 

1.) You probably already have an idea, but if not, look around the site and decide which Clan you want to join. If you want to be an evil, vicious cat, perhaps BloodClan, Fallen Claws, or the Rogue page is what you are looking for! If you want to be a noble, loyal warrior, look no further, the forest Clans are waiting for a cat such as yourself! If neither of those tickle your fancy, don't fret! There are other pages you can join, such as StarClan, the Dark Forest, the Kittypets, or the Loners, or you could be that cat that goes against the current, such as an evil cat plotting their lives away in a forest Clan (think Tigerstar), or a sweet, friendly cat living in BloodClan!

2.) Once you have that all figured out, decide what you want your rank to be! In case you don't know, a rank is your cat's place in the Clan. This doesn't apply for kittypets, loners, or rogues, and some rank terms are different in different Clans (for example, in BloodClan and Fallen Claws, the deputy is called the head-warrior), but it is pretty simple to figure everything all out once you get started! You may be a kit, elder, queen, apprentice, or warrior at first, and if you want a high-rank, such as a medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice, a deputy, or a leader, in time, if you prove yourself to be a responsible member, you might just be asked.

3.) Okay, now it is time to pick a name, description, and picture for your cat/account! Please make sure that no one else has the exact same name as you (hold down CONTROL and press F to bring up a little search box on any page), as this really slows down the signing up process! To get a picture, please scroll down to the bottom, as I put a little tutorial there! Your account picture doesn't have to be a picture of your character though. The description will go in your profile that you create (under the section called "Character Bios and Pictures"). Some helpful things to consider when writing your description can be:

What do you look like? Gender?

What are your skills and weaknesses?

 What does describe your personality best? 

 Do you have a mentor, or mother and father? 

Are you Clan-born? Do you have any siblings? 

Do you have any fears, or things you like or dislike? 

Note: If you don't have a mentor, a mother, or anything like that, don't worry, you can always ask someone to be them later, or make them yourself! 

4.) This step is up to you, but go to Microsoft Word or something similar, and write down your description so that if something ever happens, and your membership with your characters descriptions and pictures gets deleted for some random reason, you will be safe.

5.) Now that you have all your information, you just have to make your membership, because this site is members-only. I did not want to be exclusive, but I had no choice, as people started to anonymously write inappropriate comments. Each membership profile/account is linked with an email and password, so to make more than one account, you would need more than one email address. Because the Clans only list names and not descriptions or pictures, your membership profile will have all the information about your characters. Also, please do not harass me or the admins to accept your membership just because you're eager! We will get to you, unless it is not recognizable, or looks like it isn't a serious sign up! Just be patient, and you will be fine! If it hasn't been accepted in a day or two however, feel free to email for help on the matter!

6.) Look just below all the links to the pages, and click the button that says "Register". Fill in all the information (although you do NOT have to put your real birthday or location) and click "Create Account". Please remember your password, because even though I am the site owner, I cannot access anyone's account info. Your account/membership name should be your main (or only) character's name, but you can write something like "and others" after it if you want. 

7.) Now is the hardest part! You have to wait for us to accept your membership! Don't worry, it shouldn't take too long! Please just be patient! Once you are accepted though, you will no longer be "Anonymous". Your name will be whatever you wrote down under account name.

8.) To add your cat character's info to your account, go back to under the page links while signed in, and click "Edit Profile", as shown below. Note, your account obviously won't say "Manage Website" though, as this is a screenshot of the account of the former Site Owner!


9.) Now, regarding your account picture, the picture should be either your main cat, or just a favorite picture you would like to represent you as a member, as long as it is not inappropriate or anything. To upload a picture, first make sure that you have the image saved somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it, such as the desktop! Then, click the button labeled "Upload Photo" that appears under "Name". 


10.) Once you clicked on that, select your image from wherever you stored it on your computer! For example, I want my main character, Snowstar, to be my account picture, so that is the picture I would select.


11.) After you click to open, it should then look something like this! This means that the picture is added, but not yet saved (note the button that says "Submit" at the very bottom).

12.)  Now, we'll add the description and everything else! Scroll down to where it says "About Me" (you can see it in the picture above). This is where you can talk about your human self, but you don't have to write anything there if you don't want to of course!


13.) Under the "About Me" section, there will be a box that says "Signature" (you can just ignore that), and after that, there is a box that says "Character List". This isn't where you put the descriptions or pictures, just type a list of what character(s) you role-play, and maybe what Clans they are in!



14.) After that's done, the last thing you have to do is type in your character's biographies (their descriptions) and add more pictures if you want. You do that in the "Character Bios and Pictures" section (it is visible in the picture above).


15.) Hooray, you're so close! Just be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom, otherwise it won't save and you will have to write it all over again!


16.) Great job! You are done creating your account! Now, the very last thing you have to do is go to Briarpelt's Den (click here), scroll down to the appropriate box (if you signed up as a cat in ThunderClan for example, go to the ThunderClan box), and type in your cat's name and rank! Then, an admin or I (Briarpelt) will put you up on the Clan's list (shown at the bottom of each page), so people know who you are, and that you are part of the Clan!


17.) Whew! You did it! Congratulations, and welcome! You are completely finished signing up, and are an official member on my website! You can RP in your Clan, send friend requests to people, scope around and check out the rest of the website, make new characters, or do whatever you feel like (of course, as long as you comply with the rules!)

Once again, thank you for signing up, and welcome to the community! If you ever have any questions or are confused, please talk to me (Briarpelt), any of the admins (they are all listed on the Home and Rules page), or any other members, as they shouldn't mind helping out a newcomer! I'll always be around somewhere, so if you ever see me post in a box, and you want to ask me a question, don't be afraid!  If for some reason I don't answer you, it is not because I'm ignoring you! It's just that I have so many things to get done on the site per day, I have to zip back and forth throughout the pages, so I might not have seen you trying to talk to me! If you don't see me around though, you may contact me or any of the admins through our email (, or any other member using the PM (private message) function!

See you soon, and may StarClan light your path!



Our time with webs is running out, so do not be surprised if you come here one day and WCP is gone. It is all going to be ok - we will have a site that has chatboxes. As most of you know, webs is forcing every site to update. So, please, BOOKMARK this weebly page: All updates that you need will be here, as well as the new site's address when the time comes! *Recommendation:* Copy all bios and place it somewhere safe for now!

Follow wcpadmin on Tumblr for additional updates about site progress!

This site has been abandoned, WCP is currently located on discord at this link:


To become a Member, please read the "WCP Rules" and read the "How to Sign Up" page! Go over to "Briarpelt's Den" to have your characters added to the Clan lists!

If you have questions or would like to suggest something to the Administrators, please click on the following link:


~As all of you may of heard, webs is trying to force an update to Sitebuilder 3. While it is true that we will be moving away from webs, it is possible they will force the update before the new website is finished. Along with that, there are many other warriors RP sites that aren't as lucky as us, and are not as prepared in case they do succeed in forcing it. In light of this, a petition has been created. You can sign it here.~

❧ Please click this for the news of Rule 11.

❧ I have finished selecting the Four Cats for the Homepage, the four cats will be revealed when the new site comes along, the Roleplayers will not be notified, as i want it to be a surprise for everyone!
UPDATE: Due to some complaints, SkyClan art will be posted throughout the site, though not on the homepage as of yet. Please, those who have mains in SkyClan, PM Mistyheart of your characters. They will not be on the homepage, though art will be made of them in other ways. I cannot guarentee everyone will be picked.

❧Warrior Cats Infinity,
I've spoken with the owner, and they've agreed to stop advertising on WCP. I though, have to now ask of you all this: Stop harassing them, there's no need, and it will accomplish nothing.

The Next Gathering

October 15th at 2 PM WCP Time

Currently there is no news regarding the groups.

Site Wide Plot

Regarding the TC/WC plot: Here's the way timing works here: every weekend counts as a day. For example, since we started this about 3 weeks ago, the cats have only been in the warehouse for *nearly three days*. Next weekend (at Sunday) would mark the 4th, meaning the whole week substitutes to one day.


Fallen Stars: After a severe Thunder and Lightning storm, the mansion in which TFS resides in was burned to the ground, all prisoners who were unable to escape parished within their metal cages while those who live under Maika were partially wounded with the hasty escape. They now reisde in the Forest, regrouping and hoping to gain power over the Forest once more.

Weather, Rule Updates & More

It is Currently Greenleaf (Summer)

As the days become ever longer, the Clan's prey piles and bellies are increasingly full. However, rain is disrupting the cat's routines, as the weather experiences mood swings of a biblical scale. The Lake's banks are slowly climbing higher into Clan Territory, and most of RiverClan's rivers and streams are terribly swollen. ThunderClan and ShadowClan are very muddy and boggy, and cats must be careful hunting as one wrong step could geniunly be stuck in the mud. WindClan's rabbit dens have been flushed by water, leaving easy pickings as newborns are forced out onto the moors. The Outlands are faring similarly to the Clans, and the streets and rogue clan territories are the worst flooded.

Could this be an omen of bad things to come?

August 14th, 2016

Rule #37 has been added!

Be sure to check it out!