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Warrior Cats Website

Warrior Cats Adventure Computer Game

What is your Warrior Name Quiz

What Clan are you in Quiz

Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.
Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.
Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.
Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.
A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.
A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.
The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires or is exiled.
After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.
A Gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be no fighting among Clans at this time.
Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.
No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.
The word of the Clan Leader is law.
An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his/her battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.
A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

Map of the Lake Territories

This map depicts the Lake Territories of ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan! ThunderClan lives in forest of deciduous woodland, sheltered inside an old, unused, overgrown Twoleg mine. WindClan resides on the rolling hills of the open moorland inside of their camp which is sheltered by layers of gorse and heather. RiverClan lives in the marshland inside a network of streams and reeds. ShadowClan is located in the dark pine woods surrounding a Twoleg Den full of tough, hardy kittypets who enjoy causing trouble.

The border between ThunderClan and WindClan is the stream running from Moonpool into the lake. This border is quite difficult for either Clan to cross because the current is so strong. Though WindClan often crosses it to fight ThunderClan for the small patch of hill on the others side of the stream.

The border between WindClan and RiverClan is The small Twolegplace and Horseplace, mainly the Thunderpath beside it. Rarely does either Clan cross the border because, one, neither Clan has any desire for the other's type of territory, and two, Horseplace is much too dangerous.

The border between RiverClan and ShadowClan is the Greenleaf Twolegplace and the Halfbrige boating dock. It is very dangerous to cross in greenleaf becuase it is so busy with Twolegs.

The border between  ShadowClan and ThunderClan are the dirt Thunderpaths beside the Clearing and the second Greenleaf Twolegplace. This border is not as difficult to cross as the others, so ShadowClan and ThunderClan are often seen fighting over territory.

Map of the Forest to the Lake

Here, you can see the journey from the Forest Territories (bottom right corner) to the Lake Territories (top left corner)! It is assumed on this website that BloodClan moved from the Twolegplace of the Forest Territories to the Big Twolegplace depicted in the center of the map beside the mountains and that Fallen Claws was created there as well. The Fallen Stars live in the cropping of trees between the Big Twolegplace and the lake on the left side of the Big Thunderpath. SkyClan's territory cannot be seen on this map either, but it is assumed that they live near sun-drown-place (down past the bottom left corner).

Need Help Joining a Warrior Clan?

Here, we have a list of each warrior Clan with a full description! Feel free and read each description until you find a Clan that suits your roleplay interests!


ThunderClan is one of the most renowned Clans around the lake. They have had plenty of experience with prophetic destinies and omens, and are the home Clan of some of the greatest cats in history.

ThunderClan is rather peaceful and quite respectful of their neighbors. They will often allow loners and kittypets to join in order to swell their ranks or if the newcomer needs food and shelter. The other Clans around the lake like to poke fun at ThunderClan and call them weak for such kindness, but do not let their calm nature fool you. When the battle cry goes up, the cats of the woods are fierce, courageous, and loyal to their Clan. They are incredibly strong and broad-shouldered, using skills such as the Lightning Strike to their advantage.

ThunderClan’s main prey source consists of mice, voles, and squirrels. From time to time, rabbits stray onto their territory and are caught for food as well. They also eat birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, blackbirds and thrushes. ThunderClan’s stalking techniques are admired by every Clan as they creep silently across the forest floor. ThunderClan cats often keep upwind of their prey in thick bushes to hide their scent. One of their key tricks is bunching their hindquarters before leaping for prey, which lengthens their leap.


Take note to never try and outrun a WindClan cat. They dash across the moorland like birds flying through the sky. WindClan cats find pleasure in racing over the rolling hills of their homeland, feeling the breeze in their fur and bliss in the pumping of their muscles.

Whilst no WindClan cat is happier than when they are running, they have their bitter sides. WindClan is well known to be very easily offended and lose their tempers much faster than others. Surprisingly, they are the least likely to spring into battle. Rather, they are usually the quickest to flee due to the lack of cover on their fields and moors. This is often all they’re seen as – uncouth cowards. But WindClan is not just a Clan of sharp tongues and bristly pelts. They, too, are fiercely loyal and tough. On the outside, they look scrawny and unfed. But once you meet a WindClanner claw-to-claw, you’ll realize that they aren’t as weak as they look. WindClan cats are fast, and strike hard. They often use the element of speed to dash circles around their opponent and inflict countless wounds before they can even turn around and exact their own. WindClan warriors have very little fur on their bodies, making sprinting and twisting around much easier. Though, this is also a downfall, as it causes them less natural body armor than other Clans. Away from the battlefield and inside their heather-and-bracken-sheltered camp, WindClan cats are seen as being hard-working and caring. They do not sleep in dens, rather under the stars. The only dens are the leaders den which is a cave inside the Tallrock, and the medicine den, nursery and elders den which are woven from moorland grass and heather. Warriors and apprentices sleep out in the open, where the fresh air pricks at their fur and StarClan spans out above them. They take pride in being closest to the stars due to the high elevation of their territory. WindClan cats are extremely dependent on the warrior code to guide their actions, and hardly ever stray from its laws.

WindClan’s list of prey supply is very short. They limit their fresh-kill preferences to rabbits and hares alone, as these are two of the only creatures to be found on the moors. From time to time, they hunt moorland birds such as grouse and plovers. 


The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of RiverClan is a vision of warriors and apprentices splashing about in the water in search of fish. They are collectors of beautiful, shiny objects, such as shells, feathers, rocks, and glittery Twoleg possessions. Their pelts are glossy and waterproof, quickly shedding off water droplets with its silkiness. Still, they are not as completely prim and plump as the other Clans say.

Like ShadowClan, RiverClan are quite misunderstood. Earning the names “fish-faces” and “fish-breath,” they are seen as being stubborn and lazy. In reality, they are graceful, clever, and of course, loyal. Their long, smooth fur works wonderfully for swimming, helping them to slip through the water like river snakes, making them one with the lake and streams. It's been noted that RiverClan cats actually have webbed paws. They live on a reedy, pebbly, marshy plain which is tangled with a network of streams and creeks, and very few trees are to be found. They have the smallest territory on the lake, but are rather happy as long as they have the river and streams. RiverClan cats have a certain viciousness when it comes to protecting their lands. RiverClan always drive their opponents into the water where they can have the upper paw, using battle tactics such as shoving their foe’s head underwater until they panic from lack of air and give in to defeat. They hate outsiders, and are quick to distrust and turn their back on newcomers. One of RiverClan’s faults is their abrupt negative reactions to anything “ugly” or not pleasing to look at. This trait makes them appear slightly rude and unapproachable. But once you get to know a RiverClanner, you’ll see that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Inside the campground, RiverClan can be seen playing with kits and grooming the fur of elders, sending cheerful mews to one and other and splashing in reedy riverbanks for fun. A problem that RiverClan constantly runs into is Twolegs coming on their territory. They live close to a boating dock – which they call Halfbridge – so Twolegs are constantly walking around their territory in greenleaf and boating in their streams, which cuts off their main food source. Often, a shiny, plump RiverClan warrior will be basking in the sunlight and get snatched by Twolegs to be kept as a kittypet. These events are kept a secret from the other Clans.

RiverClan’s main food source is fish, such as carp, pike, bass, and the occasional salmon. A lesser fish that they catch would be minnows, but this is mainly for kits to practice fishing and often eaten as soon as they’re caught as a snack. RiverClan also eat frogs, but mostly just let kits chase them around camp for fun. It is not unknown for RiverClan cats to eat rodents such as water voles, shrews, and mice when needed. They avoid adding birds to the fresh-kill pile at any cost, and only teach their apprentices to catch them in case of times of great hunger. Herons often attack the camp and try to take kits, but even they are not taken as food, simply fought off.


Often seen as the darkest Clan in the forest, ShadowClan stands out when it comes to dark histories and unmatched ferocity. They’ve seen some of the cruelest leaders and hardest times, and are often the subject of scary stories from elders. But sometimes, the shadows aren’t always as they seem.

ShadowClan is somewhat misunderstood by its neighbors. Unfortunately, this reputation was earned by leaders and predators of the past, cats like Brokenstar and Tigerstar. The other Clans appear to view ShadowClan as being battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious and greedy. In reality, ShadowClan’s greatest usual fault is its slightly arrogant warriors and apprentices. Within the borderlines, ShadowClan cats are found to be proud, loyal, and defensive of their Clanmates. They care for their kits and queens as dearly as every other Clan, and give the utmost respect to their elders. ShadowClan has the second smallest territory of any Clan, which often causes them hunger and restlessness, and often sparks fights between them and ThunderClan. It was said by Rock that their hearts are chilled by the freezing wind coming down the mountainside from the north. Still, they are the most ferocious cats of the lake, and warriors of every Clan quake with fear when they see ShadowClan warriors seep out of the darkness like black ghosts. They use the shadows and darkness to their advantage, often holding training sessions at nighttime to teach apprentices how to use their other senses. ShadowClan holds the fame of creating tail signals, an important skill for sneaking up on enemies.

ShadowClan’s main prey source consists of reptiles and amphibians such as lizards, snakes, and frogs. Snake eggs are a delicacy in ShadowClan, but very difficult to get and rare to find. A secret prey source is gathering food from various Carrionplaces around their territories, but they're careful not to eat food for fear of sickness. They will sometimes hunt the rats that live in these Twoleg dumps, but have done so less often ever since the Great Sickness back in the Forest Territories. They also share some of the same prey as ThunderClan: rodents such as mice and voles. Rarely do they find birds, as pine trees are not necessarily ideal for birds. ShadowClan cats are the best at sneaking up on their prey, as they are trained specifically in silence and shrewdness.


Forgotten. Lost. Disappeared. This was the fate of the mysterious ancient Clan of the Forest Territories. Driven from the forest by an old ThunderClan leader named Redstar, they gradually faded from memory until even their name was lost to the minds of the Clan cats. This fate stretched for countless seasons until Firestar, the legendary leader of ThunderClan, was sent a vision by Cloudstar, a past leader of SkyClan. From this vision, Firestar and his mate, Sandstorm, embarked on the journey to rebuild the missing fifth Clan. They found themselves in a gorge, empty save for one elderly cat named Sky. Sky alone held the memories of the lost Clan and the cats who once lived in it. With the precious memories that Sky held, Firestar and Sandstorm recruited descendants of the long-dead cats of SkyClan from the surrounding Twolegplace areas. Stone by stone and cat by cat, SkyClan became whole again, claiming the rocky gorge as their camp and naming their first leader and medicine cat: Leafstar and Echosong. Sky, renamed Skywatcher for his undying loyalty to his ancestors, was always remembered as their savior and giver of a new and glorious beginning. His old den remains vacant and well kept in its own little nook in the camp as a sort of remembrance for his belief in the Clan.

Unfortunately, SkyClan is much too far away from the other Clans to be visited. The trek to SkyClan from the lake territories takes almost a full moon on foot, and sending a patrol that far for that long is very dangerous. Still, SkyClan has their own neighbors. These neighbors are the kittypets, loners and rogues of the Big Twolegplace. Often, these KLR cats invade the territory of SkyClan, spilling into their gorge in want of the shelter that the stones provide. SkyClan cats use their great leaping and climbing abilities against these intruders, almost immediately driving them off every time. Though, SkyClan also welcome loners and kittypets. They are the only known Clan to have daylight warriors, which are warriors and apprentices who live double lives as kittypets. These cats serve SkyClan by day and go home to their Twolegs by night. Twolegs aren’t usually an issue, save for occasional Twoleg kit who falls in the gorge until its Clanmates comes to retrieve it. As said, SkyClan lives in a rocky gorge of tan-ish brown dust and stone. Their dens are the caves in the walls of the gorge, and are well sheltered from the wind and rain. A thin stream passes through the camp. It is small, but still deep and torrential enough to have a kit get swept away, as it empties into the endless lake of sun-drown-place. The stream passes through a quiet cave in the camp, and inside, the cave glitters with crystals that look like the stars of StarClan. It is in this cave that the SkyClan cats can speak with their ancestors and leaders can gain their nine lives. Once a month on the night of the full moon, the SkyClan cats gather on the Skyrock - a huge stone at the top of the gorge – for their own Gathering. Rather than sharing news as the four Clans at the lake do, they look up at the stars and speak to StarClan, telling their ancestors of all the things they have gone through and done in the past moon.

SkyClan’s diet consists mainly of birds. This is easy prey for them, as they can easily climb trees and stones to reach the feathery creatures. They also hunt the mice and moles that live in the gorge, as well as the rats at the Carrionplace in the old Twolegplace at the top of their gorge.

Camps and Territories - Forest Clans

 *Note: "Inner Territory" boxes are not included in these lists because there are no landmarks in them, and they are only used for hunting. Border Boxes have landmarks and are patrolled.

ThunderClan Territory

ThunderClan claims the northern section of the lake. There land is primarily made up of deciduous woodland and underbrush. ThunderClan is slightly rocky as it sits on the upward slide of a slightly mountainous terrain. Dozens and dozens of trees and thickets are packed into ThunderClan's land, making it a difficult place for outsiders to navigate. But ThunderClan relies on this forest for food, shelter, and exercise.

Their camp is an abandoned, hollowed-out quarry of stone, used once by Twolegs for collecting precious minerals. The quarry makes for tall cliffs of limestone, and these cliffs can make for a perilous fall. Along the outside of the cliffs are bushes of brambles and towering trees, sheltering the camp from sight. The ground on the inside of the camp is riddled with stones, dust, and sparse grass. A fallen tree cuts through the camp near the front, and is used as an elders den.

Important Territorial Landmarks

WindClan Border - The border between ThunderClan and WindClan is a fast-moving stream running from Moonpool down the mountainside and into the lake. The safest way to get across the stream is to go all the way up near Moonpool where the stream is less torrential, but stronger warriors can sometimes fight the current and cross. This stream is followed to get to Moonpool.

Sky Oak - This is a large, swaying oak tree near the shore of the lake. Whilst it is excellent for training apprentices in the art of climbing, it is also rather dangerous. This oak tree really does appear to stretch towards the sky. A fall from the Sky Oak can result in serious injury, or even death. Mentors are required to join their apprentices while they are climbing. Nonetheless, this oak is excellent for stunning views of the lake and tree climbing practice.

Hills - ThunderClan's small collection of rolling hills beside the stream is a rather controversial chunk of territory. Since ThunderClan has little use of the hills and its rabbits, it is often left to silence and disuse until the patrols come around. These hills are rather tempting to WindClan, so they often jump the stream and attack ThunderClan for it. Though, these hills are excellent for racing practices with apprentices and rabbit hunting practice.

ShadowClan Border - A tiny dirt Twoleg Path leading up from ThunderClan and ShadowClan's Halfbridge marks the border between the two. The small Halfbridge is technically shared by the two Clans, but neither visit it very often, as both ThunderClan cats and ShadowClan cats are not fond of water. This border is not at all difficult to cross, so ThunderClan and ShadowClan are often seen fighting over territory, particularly the Clearing.

Clearing - The Clearing sits just within the border, between the Twoleg Path and another smaller dirt Thunderpath leading up from the shore of the river and toward the Greenleaf Twolegplace. This another controversial piece of territory despite being inside ThunderClan's border. ThunderClan and ShadowClan fight over it constantly due to the patch of sun it gives and the small amount of prey that can be found there.

Abandoned Twoleg Nest - This old, shambled, abandoned Twoleg dwelling is a gold mine for herbs and mice. ThunderClan medicine cats love to come here to collect herbs of all types from an old overgrown garden. They will often allow medicine cats from other Clans to take some of its riches in times of hardships due to the surplus of herbs it provides, even in the harshest of seasons. Warriors and apprentices love to hunt here due to the amazing amount of mice hidden in the hay and wooden floorboards. But beware, as the wood of the Nest is old and rotting, and can break easily.

Old Thunderpath - This curious dirt path, seemingly once used for monsters, leads directly from the entrance of ThunderClan's camp in the hollow quarry to the abandoned Twoleg Nest. Unfortunately, this path makes the camp very easy to find for intruders.

WindClan Territory

WindClan owns the eastern section of the lake. Their territory is mainly grass moors and rolling hills. Their land is full if heather, gorse, bracken, hares and rabbits. These rolling hills are one of WindClan territory's only features, but to the residents of the moor, it's all they'll ever need. Sheep can sometimes be seen grazing on the moors, and WindClanners collect their wool for bedding and a cobweb substitute.

The WindClan camp appears much like a hollow scooped out of the center of the moor by a giant paw. A legend among the WindClanners is that Windstar herself reached a paw down from StarClan and scooped out the hollow for the WindClanners to live in once they arrived from the Great Journey. The camp is surrounded by thick and prickly bushes of heather, gorse and bracken which keeps the Clan hidden from sight and protected from much of the wind on the territory.

Important Territorial Landmarks

ThunderClan Border - It's no secret among WindClanners that the ThunderClan border is frequently crossed. This border is marked by the stream that runs from Moonpool and into the lake. Whilst WindClan cats are the last of the Clans to get their paws wet, they will not hesitate to cross for ThunderClan's patch of hills. WindClan sees these hills as a waste on the forest cats, and often tries to take it from them to put the stretch of land to far better use. Though this border can be dangerous, especially in newleaf when the ice is melting and the stream floods. This stream is followed to get to Moonpool.

Ridge - The ridge sits right beside the stream. This ridge is directly across from ThunderClan's hills, so WindClanners often hide behind it before an ambush. Often mentors will take their apprentices to sit atop the ridge and teach them balance. Sometimes cats simply going for walks like to sit here and chat as they gaze at the few of the lake and stream and hills of ThunderClan.

RiverClan Border - This border is marked by Horseplace, a fenced in section of land for horses that is maintained by Twolegs. This border is slightly controversial, as WindClan technically owns Horseplace. The true border is on the opposite fence beside the marshlands leading to the Gathering Island. Though WindClan hardly ever crosses the Twoleg path to the broken Halfbridge due to horses being dangerous with their size and rock-hard hooves. This border is rarely crossed anyway as neither Clan sees any appeal in the others' type of territory.

Horseplace - Horseplace, while technically owned by WindClan, is mostly avoided. Great, big, thundering creatures called horses amble through the pastures of this fenced off patch of land. While horses are docile herbivores and pose no real aggressive threat, they can be dangerous if they stampede or if a cat gets caught beneath their hooves.

Twolegplace - This small collection of Nests sits beside Horseplace. A few barn cats live around these Twoleg Nests, but keep mainly to Horseplace. This is another reason why the WindClanners subconsciously make their border the dirt Thunderpath to the broken Halfbridge.

Broken Halfbridge - This is an old boat port that was left to rot and fall apart. WindClan cats are cautioned not to walk out onto these wooden shambles due to the threat of it collapsing, but apprentices and young warriors often dare each other to do it anyway.

RiverClan Territory 

RiverClan claims the southwestern edge of the lake. Their camp is settled in the patchwork of streams, creeks and rivers. They rely heavily on these streams for food, exercise and protection. Their land is covered in shiny pebbles and reeds, and there are often smaller rodent prey-creatures scuttling about, such as water voles. There are also frogs and other amphibious critters.

RiverClan's camp is hidden behind a thicket of reeds. A shallow, slow-moving creek runs along the edge of the clearing, a popular spot for kits to fish for minnows. The leaders den is in a burrow beneath a mound of dried mud called the Mudmound, and it is hidden behind a smaller thicket of reeds. Dens are also woven of the plentiful reeds.

WindClan Border - This border is well honored by RiverClan. RiverClan sets their markers on their side of the Horseplace fence, which sits right on the edge of the marsh. RiverClan rarely crosses this border for fear of the horses behind the fence, and general disinterest in WindClan's territory.

Marshlands - The marshlands are another source of hunting for the RiverClanners if the rivers run dry or freeze over too thickly. While RiverClan cats are not great at hunting on land, they can usually catch the occasional frog or salamander here. But beware - it is very easy to sink into the unforgiving marsh mud, and getting out is a difficult task.

Island Path - Since Gatherings are held on the Island, RiverClanners have easy access. They follow a well-trodden trail beside the marsh to get to the fallen log that creates the bridge to the little island, and it only takes them a short amount of time to get there.

Main River - RiverClan's largest water tract and only true "river" lies closer to the Horseplace fence. This river leads out from the lake, so if there is any debris or fish species exclusively found in the lake itself, it is often also found in this river. 


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Fallen Stars: After a severe Thunder and Lightning storm, the mansion in which TFS resides in was burned to the ground, all prisoners who were unable to escape parished within their metal cages while those who live under Maika were partially wounded with the hasty escape. They now reisde in the Forest, regrouping and hoping to gain power over the Forest once more.

Weather, Rule Updates & More

It is Currently Greenleaf (Summer)

As the days become ever longer, the Clan's prey piles and bellies are increasingly full. However, rain is disrupting the cat's routines, as the weather experiences mood swings of a biblical scale. The Lake's banks are slowly climbing higher into Clan Territory, and most of RiverClan's rivers and streams are terribly swollen. ThunderClan and ShadowClan are very muddy and boggy, and cats must be careful hunting as one wrong step could geniunly be stuck in the mud. WindClan's rabbit dens have been flushed by water, leaving easy pickings as newborns are forced out onto the moors. The Outlands are faring similarly to the Clans, and the streets and rogue clan territories are the worst flooded.

Could this be an omen of bad things to come?

August 14th, 2016

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