Codes of the Clans

Every group in the forest follows a set of codes for their individual society. ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan and SkyClan follow the warrior code. BloodClan and Fallen Claws follow a loose rogue code. The Fallen Stars follows Maika's code. Following the code is a substantial part of Clan life, as it binds the group together and keeps the Clan safe... or in power.

Cats of the Clans are taught the code at a very young age. Parents start drilling the lists of laws into their kits heads almost as soon as they open their eyes, and it is mandatory for mentors to teach their apprentices to memorize it. Reciting the code is even one of the main parts of the warrior assessment.

Here, we have listed each part of the warrior code and the rogue code for your reference. You can find the code for Fallen Stars at the bottom of the TFS tab in the section titled "The Code of Maika's Group." The medicine code, used by medicine cats, is also listed below.

The Warrior Code

Here, we have listed the code for the four Clans of the lake and the fifth Clan of the gorge. The warrior code is the very heart and soul of Clan life. It is the blood that pumps through the warriors of the forest and keeps them bonded with their Clanmates. The code was created countless seasons before by legendary warriors and medicine cats. While some aspects of the code create painful restrictions, its sole purpose is to keep the Clans safe, healthy, and loyal.

Warrior Code - Code #1

"Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from the other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle."

There is nothing wrong with having a friend in a neighboring Clan. You are allowed to have a nice chat at Gatherings or share a kind word if you meet them at the border. But absolute loyalty must remain to your leader and your Clanmates. You may be friends with your neighbor, but one day you could be facing them in war. Romantic relationships between cats from different Clans is also deeply forbidden due to the risk of battle and loyalty issues.

Warrior Code - Code #2

"Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory."

This leads into code #1. While the other Clans may be your rivals, they have kits and elders of their own who need to eat just as much as yours. Stealing prey is extremely disrespectful to the neighboring cats of each Clan. Trespassing also leads to division and question of loyalties. You also run a high risk of being attacked by a patrol who may mistake you for theft of prey. If you must get onto another Clan's territory, wait at the border for a patrol to come and get you.

Warrior Code - Code #3

"Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders."

Since elders and kits are unable to hunt for themselves, the apprentices and warriors of the Clan must hunt for them. Kits are the future of the Clan's life, and elders have served many seasons and deserve rest. Queens must also be brought food, as they are nurturing the Clan's newest lives and do not have time to hunt for themselves. 

Warrior Code - Code #4

"Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life."

Every piece of prey you kill has given its own life to sustain the lives of your Clanmates. Prey should not be played with or destroyed for fun. You are required to thank StarClan for the life it has sacrificed. Do not hunt for sport. It diminishes the prey supply. The ritual prayer of thanks is must be recited after every killing, and goes as follows: "Thank you, StarClan, for this prey, as it will keep the Clan healthy and fed."

Warrior Code - Code #5

"A kit must be at least 6 moons old to become an apprentice."

Kits are often too small or too immature to begin training or to take part in battles before they are 6 moons of age. Nor should kits be allowed to leave camp. If a kit does happen to get outside the camp wall, they are to be immediately returned and scolded. Kits may only be let outside of camp if they are being led by the deputy or leader, and can only be shown the territory within a few fox-lengths of the camp barrier. No going all the way to the border.

Warrior Code - Code #6

"Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name."

New warriors must understand the seriousness of their new role, and in doing so, their first task is to keep a silent watch over the camp until dawn. Speaking during this vigil is extremely disrespectful to their warriorhood and to StarClan.

Warrior Code - Code #7

"A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice."

The responsibility of being Clan deputy is a lot to take on. Most cats do not have any experience with being in charge of anything. Mentoring an apprentice can teach a warrior responsibility and the importance of making educated decisions and keeping something safe.

Warrior Code - Code #8

"The deputy will become Clan leader when the previous leader dies or retires."

While this may seem obvious, there was once a time when only the kin of the leader became the next leader, and the deputy was simply appointed as a second-in-command. But deputies usually have much more experience with taking care of a Clan, and are often chosen for their leadership skills anyway, so they would obviously be the best choice as the leader's successor.

Warrior Code - Code #9

"After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh."

While this rule is more loosely used on the website, its reasoning is important. If something happens to the leader before they are able to choose another deputy, it could send the Clan into panic and chaotic disputing. Though, if something like this does happen to occur, the decision would have to be up to the medicine cat.

Warrior Code - Code #10

"A Gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be no fighting among Clans at this time."

The full moon Gatherings are held in order to keep all neighboring Clans updated on Clan news. Gatherings are also a good place to make friends... or learn about your enemies. Gatherings are most often held in order for leaders to ask for help or warn other Clans of issues. The truce must stand, as the Gathering is meant to be a time of remembrance and peace.

SkyClan Exception: SkyClan holds it own version of a Gathering at the Skyrock, which sits at the top of the gorge. They are required to keep truce among themselves or any visiting rogues who may be attending.

Warrior Code - Code #11

"Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats."

The act of patrolling borders and marking boundaries is to make sure that code #2 is not breached. Deputies set up border and hunting patrols. There are 6 border patrol times:

-dawn patrol (any patrol from 4 AM to 8 AM WCP Time)

-morning patrol (any patrol from 8 AM to 11 AM WCP Time)

-sunhigh patrol (any patrol from 11 AM to 1 PM WCP Time)

-evening patrol (any patrol from 1 PM to 5 PM WCP Time)

-twilight patrol (any patrol from 5 PM to 9 PM WCP Time)

-moonhigh patrol (any patrol from 9 PM to 4 AM WCP Time)

Warrior Code - Code #12

"No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if that kit is from a different Clan."

Kits are the future of the Clans. You never know who they may grow to be. They could even be your ally one day. Kits do not choose sides or loyalties, so ignoring a kit who is faced by pain or danger is one of the lowest forms of evil. This also means that you should never attack a kit in battle, so no warrior should ever attempt to harm nursery residents.

Warrior Code - Code #13

"The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code."

While this is often a more difficult law to accept, it is necessary. Leaders are chosen for their wisdom and judgement, so all things they declare should be followed. But this code must be dealt with delicately by the Clan leaders, as it is easy to use to their advantage. Anything a leader dictates should follow the rest of the warrior code. Deputies, medicine cats and warriors all have the right to try and contradict a leader if their statement seems risky or too far outside the warrior code.

Warrior Code - Code #14

"An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or it is necessary for self-defense."

Killing is often taken far too lightly by warriors. To kill is to end a life that may have meant something to many cats. There is absolutely no need to kill your opponent in battle. If they begin to retreat, you are to allow them. The only exception is if your opponent is "outside the warrior code." This does not mean that you are automatically allowed to kill kittypets, loners, rogues, or Rogue Clanners. The term "outside the warrior code" means that your opponent is doing something both against the code and ethically horrid. You are also allowed to kill in self-defense if your opponent is trying to kill you.

Warrior Code - Code #15

"A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet."

Being a warrior means making sacrifices, even if those sacrifices are your comfort or your hunger. Warriors who take food from Twolegs or sleep in Twoleg Nests are living with a paw in two worlds, which weakens the Clan. Also, if a warrior becomes too accustomed to constantly being well-fed and pampered, Clan life may disenchant them, or they may turn too soft to do their proper duties.

SkyClan Exception: SkyClan's daylight-warriors do not particularly follow this code. They are to serve the Clan by day, but are allowed to return to their Twoleg Nests and housefolk by night.

The Medicine Code

The medicine code is very rarely spoken of among Clan cats. It is a secretive way of life to follow this ancient code, started by Mothflight of WindClan countless seasons ago. This set of rules that each medicine cat must swear to follow is the very lifeblood of their job as the Clan's healer. It must be followed to the fullest extent, or they run the risk of being forever stripped from their title as medicine cat and forced to join the ranks as a warrior, or possibly even exiled.

Medicine Code - Code #1

"Medicine cats must never fall in love or take a mate."

One of the hardest laws for medicine cats to follow, much less accept. Medicine cats walk a very solemn, individual path. Having such a strong extra emotion such as romantic love could cloud their judgment and blur the path they walk among StarClan. It could also lead to the breaching of code #2.

Medicine Code - Code #2

"Medicine cats must never raise kits."

Another hard law to follow. Kits take up much of a queen's time and energy. She spends at least two moons having to take it easy, and six moons in the nursery. For a female medicine cat, this could turn into a horrible whirlwind of responsibilities that are impossible to keep up with, even with an apprentice to help. For both toms and she-cats, kits cloud judgment, and often become priorities over other cats. Medicine cats risk favoring their kits over others, which could lead to a waste of healing supplies and skills. 

Medicine Code - Code #3

"No medicine cat may deny the treatment of a cat that is sick or in pain, unless that cat directly defies the warrior code, threatens the Clan, or rebels against StarClan."

Medicine cats are born and trained to heal. Often, this job stretches beyond Clan borders, and sometimes beyond the Clans altogether. Every enemy a warrior meets fights for his or her own purpose, so, from a specific point of view, this makes them heroes. This makes them worthy of being healed. Now, the exception is if a cat is defying the warrior code (trying to drive out a Clan, kill somebody, hurt kits, etc.), threatens the Clan (same examples as defying the warrior code), or is rebelling against StarClan.

Medicine Code - Code #4

"Medicine cats must have faith in StarClan."

While this code has been defied before, it is extremely important that medicine cats are able to comunicate and interpret signs from StarClan. The messages that the warrior ancestors send are vital to the survival of the Clan.

Medicine Code - Code #5

"Medicine cats must meet at Moonpool on the first half-moon of each month to share tongues with StarClan. They must use this time to interpret StarClan's latest messages, or converse with fellow medicine cats."

A rule often overlooked, but always obtaining importance. The medicine cats of each Clan meet together at the first half-moon of every month to dip their noses into Moonpool and dream among the ranks of StarClan. Often this monthly trek only results in a pleasant meeting with an old friend who has passed onto the stars, but on rare occasions, these meetings can bring important messages, visions, or prophecies of the future. Upon waking, medicine cats are not to share their dreams with the other medicine cats, unless they all shared the same dream.

SkyClan Exception: The lone medicine cats of SkyClan will travel to the tranquil Whispering Cave to share with StarClan every first half-moon. 

Medicine Code - Code #6

"Medicine cats must not take part in Clan rivalry."

This rule derives somewhat from code #3. Medicine cats are trained only to heal, not to harm. Medicine cats may be taught defensive moves, but not offensive. Medicine cats also mustn't be used to spy, retrieve battle information or threaten unless the Clan is in serious, serious danger.

Medicine Code - Code #7

"Boundaries do not conceal the paws of a medicine cat."

Medicine cats have the special privilege of being allowed to disregard borders. Since they do not take part in rivalry (hence code #6), there is no real reason to drive them out. Still, since some Clans can be cautious or hostile, a medicine cat should usually have a warrior to accompany them if they are visiting a neighboring Clan.

Medicine Code - Code #8

"Medicine cats must be willing to give his or her life to save a patient."

Like warriors, medicine cats risk their own lives with their duties. They are completely exposed during greencough epidemics or other viral diseases. No medicine cat may decline a sick cat out of fear for their own health.

Medicine Code - Code #9

"A medicine cat must pass on their knowledge to an apprentice."

Unlike leaders choosing a deputy, medicine cats are allowed to take all the time they like to choose an apprentice. An apprentice must be a very special young cat with a faithful connection to StarClan and an interest in healing. Kits must consent to being a medicine cat and not forced. But an apprentice must be chosen many moons before the death of the first medicine cat, as their knowledge must be passed on to their successor before they're gone. In the event that an apprentice does not learn enough before their mentor dies, they must seek training from a medicine cat of another Clan. Medicine cat apprentices do not have to be kits, either. They can be apprentices who were originally training to be warriors, or even warriors themselves. The apprentice could possibly even be older than the medicine cat! But if a warrior or warrior apprentice accepts this new lifestyle, they are required to put their seasons of combat in the past.

Medicine Code - Code #10

"Retired medicine cats should not intervene in a healing situation."

Despite having served for many seasons, a medicine cat who has stepped down or retired should do their best not to give in to temptation and try to heal others. They may do so if it the medicine cat(s) isn't/aren't there and it is an absolute emergency that requires more than the simple herbs known to warriors such as catmint or poppy seeds. But they must step aside when the medicine cat(s) arrive.

The Rogue Code

This list of codes and laws are followed by none other than the infamous Rogue Clans known as BloodClan and Fallen Claws. While there aren't really any true guidelines for the life of a Rogue Clan cat, these are a list of precedents set by more organized leaders. These "laws" keep the Rogue Clanners ruthless, fit, strong...

And of course: powerful.

Rogue Code - Code #1

"Mercy is weakness."

A true Rogue warrior does not let his or her feelings get in the way of battle. Rogue warriors fight only to win. Allowing an enemy to retreat without giving chase is a sign of cowardice. If a cat wrongs you or your Clan, do not be afraid to threaten.

Rogue Code - Code #2

"The leader holds the code."

Much like the Forest Clans' 13th code, but far less lenient. Despite whatever opinions you may have, your Clan leader is the ultimate ruler. Their decision is final, and if you feel compelled to counter it, do not surprised to get a viscious beating or publicly humiliated, maybe even exiled.

Rogue Code - Code #3

"To feel fear is to have already retreated."

A Rogue Clan warrior must show nothing but strength and courage if they are to protect their territory. Rogue Clanners use fear as their weapon. Allowing fear to control you in battle means to have already given up.

Rogue Code - Code #4

"Kits will not be coddled. Mothers must begin training their young as soon as their eyes are open."

Kits of the Rogue Clans cannot be treated delicately. They must be hardened for Twolegplace life. Mothers are required to begin exercising their kits in the art of speed and agility at a very young age. They are then forced out of the nursery by 5 moons to avoid creating family groups that may threaten the leader's authority, and are assigned to a mentor at the age of 6 moons. 

Rogue Code - Code #5

"Respect the healer."

Despite the ruthlessness of the Rogue Clans, the healer plays an important role in keeping them all alive. Most Rogue warriors are too headstrong to go to the healer after a fight, but despite their lack of job activity, they remain loyal and helpful whenever they are needed. Warriors are required to treat them with the utmost respect. 

Rogue Code - Code #6

"Patrol the borders daily."

Though not quite as strict as code #11 of the warrior code, it is still similar. The border between BloodClan and Fallen Claws must be checked and marked at least once a day. Challenge all trespassers, but wait until an authority from your Clan arrives to take full action and launch into a skirmish. 


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