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Hello? Who is there? Come out into the light where I can see you! Oh, I see you are a kittypet. Put your claws away kit, I meant no offense to you! I only came to offer you something. You have a choice. You may step into the world of warriors, or you can turn back to your soft, kittypet life. This will be my only offer: Which would you choose?


                         A b o u t     t h e     S i t e

I am Briarpelt, formerly Briarstar, and I am a past leader of WindClan. I am also the owner of this website! I do not own Warrior Cats! I am just a fan, and this is a role-playing website that Snowstar (the previous Site Owner) created and based off the series. Warrior Cats rightfully belongs to Erin Hunter. The people in charge of this website are Briarpelt, Arabella, Mistyheart, Tawny, Everfall, Thunder, Fox, Lonegaze, Angel, Redflame, and Dusty, so please listen to us, as this is our site!

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Our time with webs is running out, so do not be surprised if you come here one day and WCP is gone. It is all going to be ok - we will have a site that has chatboxes. As most of you know, webs is forcing every site to update. So, please, BOOKMARK this weebly page: All updates that you need will be here, as well as the new site's address when the time comes! *Recommendation:* Copy all bios and place it somewhere safe for now!

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~As all of you may of heard, webs is trying to force an update to Sitebuilder 3. While it is true that we will be moving away from webs, it is possible they will force the update before the new website is finished. Along with that, there are many other warriors RP sites that aren't as lucky as us, and are not as prepared in case they do succeed in forcing it. In light of this, a petition has been created. You can sign it here.~

❧ Please click this for the news of Rule 11.

❧ I have finished selecting the Four Cats for the Homepage, the four cats will be revealed when the new site comes along, the Roleplayers will not be notified, as i want it to be a surprise for everyone!
UPDATE: Due to some complaints, SkyClan art will be posted throughout the site, though not on the homepage as of yet. Please, those who have mains in SkyClan, PM Mistyheart of your characters. They will not be on the homepage, though art will be made of them in other ways. I cannot guarentee everyone will be picked.

❧Warrior Cats Infinity,
I've spoken with the owner, and they've agreed to stop advertising on WCP. I though, have to now ask of you all this: Stop harassing them, there's no need, and it will accomplish nothing.

The Next Gathering

October 15th at 2 PM WCP Time

Currently there is no news regarding the groups.

Site Wide Plot

Regarding the TC/WC plot: Here's the way timing works here: every weekend counts as a day. For example, since we started this about 3 weeks ago, the cats have only been in the warehouse for *nearly three days*. Next weekend (at Sunday) would mark the 4th, meaning the whole week substitutes to one day.


Fallen Stars: After a severe Thunder and Lightning storm, the mansion in which TFS resides in was burned to the ground, all prisoners who were unable to escape parished within their metal cages while those who live under Maika were partially wounded with the hasty escape. They now reisde in the Forest, regrouping and hoping to gain power over the Forest once more.

Weather, Rule Updates & More

It is Currently Greenleaf (Summer)

As the days become ever longer, the Clan's prey piles and bellies are increasingly full. However, rain is disrupting the cat's routines, as the weather experiences mood swings of a biblical scale. The Lake's banks are slowly climbing higher into Clan Territory, and most of RiverClan's rivers and streams are terribly swollen. ThunderClan and ShadowClan are very muddy and boggy, and cats must be careful hunting as one wrong step could geniunly be stuck in the mud. WindClan's rabbit dens have been flushed by water, leaving easy pickings as newborns are forced out onto the moors. The Outlands are faring similarly to the Clans, and the streets and rogue clan territories are the worst flooded.

Could this be an omen of bad things to come?

August 14th, 2016

Rule #37 has been added!

Be sure to check it out!